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Grapefruit and Mangosteen

Grapefruit and Mangosteen

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A true-to-life blend of ripe, tangy grapefruit and mangosteen- an exotic fruit that is citrusy and sweet with a hint of peach. The cold throw is dominated by the grapefruit  with its sharp and punchy citrus notes.  Once lit, the candle's fragrance mellows just a bit, with the warmer and sweeter mangosteen coming through. 

This is a great balanced candle with both fruits melding into a strong candle with a  citrus punch, a hint of peach, and a naturally derived sweetness.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including orange.

Note Profile:
Top: Orange, Mandarin, Lemon
Middle: Grapefruit, Peach
Base: Red Currant, Vanilla